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How being organized can save you time

Make your office space more efficient

By: Lamar Hinchen

“How do you stay organized?” Do you have excellent organizational skills, or can you juggle multiple projects at once, are becoming common interview questions. These are key skills needed for so many jobs. Here are some tips for you to know how to answer questions that make you a stellar candidate for any position. Your answer just needs to outline the systems and tools you use to manage your workload so as to ensure that everything which needs to get done will get done.

  • Show that you have a specific system and care about staying organized. It doesn’t have to be complicated, actually; the simpler the better. Have a system in place that works for you.
  • Share exactly how you do it (details will help back up your statement above).
  • Show that you are able to stay organized even when something unexpected arises?
  • When relevant, share an example of how your system has helped you and benefited the company you were working for (or the work that you did)
  • Don’t sound too rigid – yes, being organized is important but so is being able to problem-solve and adjust as things come up.

Articulate your system in a few sentences that show you have a thoughtful way of keeping all of your responsibilities in order. Having a particular time when you had to use your organization skills will show that you’re confident in your abilities and will impress the person interviewing you.

Like all answers to interview questions, try to be concise while still being as detailed as possible. Since you prepared for the questions, you’ll be more likely to answer it confidently and with ease.